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Holding Hands

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Hospital Emergency Resource Bag


Hospital Emergency Resource Bag

Family and Carers can't always be around. It is crucial to be prepared and Herbie is here to help.

Our bag is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual and assist with communication between patient and health care professionals.

A valuable resource for individuals to retain their  independence. Herbie can bring peace of mind by providing essential items for reliable and efficient treatment in a medical emergency.

  • HERBIE provides peace of mind in a very stressful situation. It ensures quick access for paramedics and hospital emergency staff to the patients medical information for more efficient assessment and treatment.  Also providing the patient with a curated set of items to see them through the initial stages until family and carers can attend them. 

  • Herbie is highly visible and recognisable, It is a perfect size for transportation in an ambulance or rescue plane.

  • It can also carry extras like spare glasses, phone charger ear phones, dentures, pads, underwear or a hair brush. 

  • During the visit Herbie will keep the patients belongings together, clothing, shoes, phone and medical forms, especially when being moved around in a busy environment.

Holding Hands
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Efficient Communication of Information 

 The essential item included in the bag is a document holder containing a medical information form. This form is designed to convey vital details to paramedics and medical staff seamlessly during ambulance transfers and Emergency Department admissions. Upon receiving Herbie, all you have to do is complete the medical information form and return it to the document folder. This folder is useful to hold discharge papers and prescriptions. with pens supplied for filling in forms.



Thoughtful Personal Care Essentials

Herbie comes equipped with essential personal care items such as a toiletries bag, tissues, a face mask, and a self-pasting toothbrush. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customise your kit by adding items you may find necessary, such as a lip balm, hairbrush, denture holder, pads and pants.



The front pocket of Herbie is designed for your convenience, providing a dedicated space for a phone charger, headphones, or earbuds. Complete with a rubber eyelet plug for passing cords through, this ensures that all your belongings stay organized and secure, ready to meet any unexpected situation.



 Stay Organised

Our emergency bags are designed with organisation in mind.

Included is a shoe bag, perfect for storing a spare pair of socks or slippers. Easily switch out your shoes for added comfort and keep everything neatly together.

In addition, there's a microfiber pouch provided to safeguard a spare pair of glasses.

These small yet essential items are often overlooked during emergencies but can prove to be of great help and comfort until family or caregivers can make it to the hospital.



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